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How To Watch Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

How To Watch Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing
O GOD, these Brave & Mysterious Men of yours To whom you have given the Wisdom to Rule. With one Strong Blow, They tear apart the Seas & Deserts And the Mountains turn into dust because of their Fear In the Name of Allah swt, who is MOST Kind and MOST Merciful. Peace be Upon to you all.

The story begins in the year 1200 A young man was leading his tribe through moutains and valleys towards Anqara (Anatolia) His mission was to take his Tribe to a safe place Where his people would be safe from the attacks of Mongols. When he reached a valley near Anqara He found Two Armies fighting each other He didn't recognize any of the Two armies.

The battle was getting Fierce with the passing time. The bigger army was over-powering the smaller army And the Bigger Army was killing smaller army mercilessly This young Leader prepares 440 warriors from his tribe and Launches a Fearless Attack on the Bigger Army. Their Attack is so Strong, Sudden and Precise that That the table starts to turn over In a very short time. The situation of the Battle begins to change The smaller army which was about to Loose, Starts Winning.... And the bigger Army which was winning, start to run Finally, the Smaller Army WINS the Battle. The King of the Victorious Army, calls for this Young Man.

Because of whose Amazing, Brave & Planned intervention, the Victory dropped in his lap. That Brave & Fearless Man is none other than "ErTugrul Ghazi" Who was ErTugrul Ghazi?? Where Did he come From? Why did he Help the Smaller Army without knowledge?? And under his leadership, How many Wars have the Muslims won?? To get answers to all these questions, watch the Video Completely & till the Very End.. And please don't forget to Subscribe "Humble Clicks" So when the Battle ended, the winning King called for the Tribe's Leader Ertugrul Ghazi The King asked "Do you know Me??" Ertugrul ghazi said "No" Then why did you help me??? The King Enquired Ertugrul replied "Out of Humanity, your Army was loosing & getting Killed that's why..." The King Introduced himself as "Sultan Allauddin" King of Anatolia (now Turkey) The Army which Ertugrul helped was the Muslim Army of Anatolia (Turkey) And the other Army was of Mongols and According to other stories it was a Roman Army.

ErTugrul Ghazi was sent like a Miraculous Help from Allah Swt for the Turk Army. Now answering the Question "Who was Ertugrul Ghazi?  and where did He come from??" in the year 1200, The Mongols started their viscous Attacks on Neighboring Countries in order to expand their Kingdom. They were notorious for their Oppression & Barbarism. They are the same people, who used to make Minarets from the Skulls of Armies which used to Lost. When Mongols attacked and Conquered the Kingdom of Khwarzum Then Turk Tribes started Migrating to safer places. Among these tribes there was a Tribe named KAIY Kaiy Tribe was a Big, Brave and Warrior Tribe.

The Leader of the Tribe was Suleman Shah. Suleman Shah had 4 sons, Ertugrul was the Third son. Afer the Death of Suleman Shah, Ertugrul Ghazi was appointed as Leader of the Tribe because of his Wisdom and Bravery. Ertugrul Ghazi was a very Brave and Fearless Warrior. When ErTugrul was migrating to Qonia with 430 families of his tribe At that time, in a valley near Anqara. He came face to face with these Two Armies Fighting. After winning the War, Sultan Allauddin said to Erturgrul "Will you come with me" you have done a big favour to me.

I want to Reward you The King took him to Anqara (turkey), where He gifted a region named "Kracha Darg" to Ertugrul This region was next to the sea across which was Constantinople. Which was under Bezantinian Roman Rule.

The Romans used to attack Anatolia (turkey) from across the sea. He told Ertugrul that you form a defense line for my kingdom here. Ertugrul settled his Tribe on this Region and formed a small provincial governement. Very soon people recognized ErTugrul Ghazi as a Wise, Brave and Fearless Leader. and Conquered many border areas from Bezantenians. Many Local Turk Tribes formed alliance with him and accepted him as their Leader. This expanded the Power & Rule of Ertugrul Ghazi. On the other side, Sultan Allauddin's Rule was becoming Weak.

But He had full faith on Honesty & Loyalty of Ertugrul Ghazi At one side, Mongols conquered many regions of Turkey.. and on the other side, Romans had taken back many regions of old Bezantine. apart from that many Suljooqi Lords had formed their own self proclaimed Governments There was always Threat of Attacks from Mongols & Romans at border areas. In such conditions, A Loyal, Faithful & Brave Leader/Soldier like Ertughral Ghazi was a Big Comfort for Sultan Allauddin He gave more lands to Ertugrul Ghazi and When Ertugrul Ghazi defeated a United attack from Romans & Mongols between the cities of Yenni & Barusa Then Sultan Allauddin gifted him both the Cities as a Reward. And this whole Region was renamed as Sultanuni. Furthermore he was appointed as Army  Chief for Sultan Allauddin.

Ertugrul Ghazi died in 1281 and in many historical documents it was 1288. Last but not the least, We would like to discuss about A Dream of Son of Ertugrul Ghazi --- Osman. A son of Ertugrul Ghazi whose name was Osman. He was follower of a famous Saint / Shiekh of that time. One night he was a guest to that Saint / Shiekh The tent where he stayed for the night was very small. and at one corner placed was the Holy Quran.

He thought, that "How can I sleep with my legs/feet towards the Holy Quran" While he was totally exhausted but to give respect to the Holy Quran. He stood the Whole night while holding the Quran. just before dawn / fajr prayer time, He was overpowered by severe sleepiness. and he fell on his Knees and Slept. While in his sleep he saw a dream. that a Tree has risen from his Chest and has grown huge and tall. and the branches of that tree has grown over the whole world In the morning when he told his dream to the Saint/Sheikh.

The Shiekh/Saint congratulated him and said Glad tiding for you Osman, Because you gave pure & honest respect to the Book of Allah (Quran) the same way Allah swt will give your name Respect & Status. And you will be given rule over a Big Kingdom. and then the Whole World witnessed the Rule of Osman (Ottoman Empire) over 3 continents of the World. and his Rein continued till 1924.

The point to understand here is ---- When someone gives Respect & Protocol  to Allah swt, his beloved people & places which Allah swt has designated as HOLY. Allah swt give that person Respect and Protocol. Please do recite Darud Shareef on Muhammad PBUH. Thank  you My friends, if you like the video, please do subscribe "Humble Clicks"... Do press LIKE and Don't forget to SHARE this video. And in the comments section below, do give us your feedback. Thank you